In the media

That ironHand is a very informative and illustrative topic of interest for a broad audience, is becoming more and more clear. It’s concept and findings are being picked up very well by national and international media.

  1. Newsletter TerzStiftung May 2015
  2. Newsletter TerzStiftung December 2014
  3. Newsletter TerzStiftung September 2014
  4. Article in Dutch Magazine Zorgvisie August 2014, Number 8, Volume 43
  5. Newsletter TerzStiftung July 2014
  6. Swedish Television news report: SVT Nyheter Sörmland - Robothand testas i Eskilstuna
  7. Swedish regional radio news report: Robothandske ska ge extra kraft till äldre
  8. Dutch news article: Robothand moet greep op dagelijks leven herstellen
  9. Dutch news article: Geactueerde handschoen moet ouderen handje helpen
  10. Newsletter TerzStiftung June 2014
  11. Dutch blog for funds: Ouderenfonds ontwikkelt robothandschoen voor ouderen
  12. MyNewsDesk: ironHand - Robothandske ger nya förutsättningar för ett starkare och aktivare liv på äldre dar.
  13. Regional news website Twente journaal: Roessingh Research and Development start project ironHand


Press release June 2014

Roessingh Research and Development: RRD start project ironHand
Bioservo: Press release – Stockholm, June 10, 2014: ironHand project
Hocoma: Hocoma partners ironHand project
National Foundation for the Elderly: Ouderenfonds ontwikkelt robothandschoen voor ouderen
Eskilstuna municipality: Eskilstuna i EU-projekt om robothandske för äldre
terzStiftung: Beweglichkeit und Kraft wiedergewinnen


Press release Januari 2016

Roessingh Research and Development and National Foundation for the Elderly: RRD en het Nationaal Ouderenfonds testen robothandschoen bij ouderen met krachtverlies


Press release June 2016

The third press release about the therapeutic study (Dutch RRD version, d.d. 20 June 2016) provided the public information about the possibility to try out the ironHand at home:


Broadcasting ironHand Switzerland July 2016

On July 28, a reporter from tv station Tele Top in Switzerland, made an item about the ironHand project with Margrit Völki, 82 years old participant in the ironHand therapeutic study and Thomas Meyer, head of science at terzStiftung. Mrs. Völki shows how the soft-robotic ironHand glove is tested as assistive aid at home.


Visit of Queen Máxima at Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) in November 2016

On November 22, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited RRD. During her visit, members of the ironHand project showcased the soft-robotic ironHand glove (which she also tried for herself!), including the therapeutic training exercises to train hand function in a motivating game-like environment. This didn’t only result in special attention for ironHand from the Queen herself, but also in a lot of press coverage from a wide variety of regional and national media. A list of those can be found below.


Broadcasting items:

News items: