Therapeutic study ironHand started

In the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, the first participants have been recruited for the therapeutic study of the ironHand project. Participants will be randomly assigned to three different groups: 1) the assistive group that will use the ironHand system independent during the performance of activities of daily living (ADL) at home or at work, 2) the therapeutic group that will perform hand exercises with the ironHand system independently at home and 3) a control group. The duration of the treatment is 4 weeks for all groups. The results of the therapeutic study are expected in March 2017.

Clinical project meeting ironHand

Eskilstuna, terzStiftung, National foundation for the elderly and Roessingh Research and Development had a clinical project meeting about the upcoming orthotic study of the ironHand project at Eskilstuna in Sweden on the 15th of October 2015. The timeline and clinical tests of the orthotic study were explained and demonstrated to the other project partners by Roessingh Research and Development. In addition, Bioservo gave an explanation of the next iteration of the ironHand glove that will be used in the orthotic study.
publication date: 11-11-2015

Interview with two participants of feasibility study ironHand project   Why did you participate in the ironHand project?
It is interesting if you can help other people who are suffering and who have received a hand injury in any way.
2.   How has it been to be involved in the project?
Fun and interesting.
3.   Would you be willing to have an ironHand glove?
Yes, I would if I did not think I should be better
1.   Why did you participate in the ironHand project?
I was asked and thought it would be fun to try out and participate in something that could be much larger, say to kids "- that I have helped to develop". It was also fun to be involved in a project.
2.   How has it been to be involved in the project?
I was curious and it was very interesting to see and feel the ironHand glove. Maybe my feedback about the glove can make it even better! 3.   Would you be willing to have an ironHand glove?
Yes maybe in the future, but I do not need it today.
publication date: 11-11-2015

Feasibility tests ironHand started feasibility tests on the ironHand glove have started by the end user organization, involving end users that experience problems in their hand grip.
In the Netherlands the first ten participants volunteered to try out the first version of the five finger glove and the rehabilitation games. They performed a usability test and a test on activities of daily living, simulating different activities with the glove in order to define the added value of the glove.
The following sessions will take place in Sweden and Switzerland throughout the summer. The results of the feasibility test are expected in October (they can be read in detail in Deliverable D4.3).
publication date: 30-07-2015

Second iteration of the prototype

The second iteration of the integrated prototype was delivered after one year after the start of the ironHand project. This prototype consists of an assistive system and a therapeutic system. Both systems will be iteratively tested for feasibility with elderly people in the next months.
publication date: 13-07-2015

Start of the IronHand project

The 3-year project ironHand, funded by the European Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) programme (topic "ICT-based Solutions for Supporting Occupation in Life of Older Adults” of the AAL Sixth Call for Proposals), will start on May 1, 2014. During the first physical meeting between all partners, the project will be kicked off on May 8-9. The kick off meeting will be held at the offices of the project coordinator, Roessingh Research and Development (Enschede, the Netherlands).
publication date: 15-04-2014