WP1 – Management
The objectives of this WP are to carry out the management, co-ordination and reporting activities necessary to implement the project management principles described in the Project Management section, and to ensure effective implementation of the project in line with guidelines from the national funding authorities and the Consortium Agreement.

WP2 – Hardware and Firmware Development
This WP focuses on the development of the hardware and firmware components of the Iron Hand prototype, taking place in the research and development facilities of Bioservo.

WP3 – Software Development & Integration
This WP focuses on the development of the software components of the Iron Hand prototype and the integration of the complete product by Hocoma.

WP4 – User Trials
This WP focuses on providing input for functional requirements of the glove and evaluating the glove orthotic (assistive) and therapeutic effects. Evaluations will take place in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

WP5 – Dissemination & Exploitation
This WP covers the promotion and dissemination of project results as well as the development of a post-project exploitation strategy. It involves all partners in various aspects of the dissemination and exploitation planning activities.