The work of the project is divided into 5 work packages, forming 3 main groups:

  • Development work packages: WP2 Hardware & Firmware Development and WP3 Software Development & Integration focus on developing the individual components required for the Iron Hand project, glove hardware (sensors, actuators, power supply), glove firmware and training software, and combining them into an end to end working prototype.
  • Trial work package: WP4 User Trials is a very large work package focusing on the test of the end to end solution with older adults that will be divided in sub-WPs for each country and each study type (assistive or therapeutic).
  • Support work packages: WP1 and WP5 provide general support for the other work packages, and for the project as a whole. WP5 Dissemination & Exploitation focuses on the industrial exploitation and the scientific dissemination. WP1 Management deals with the administrative and technical coordination of the consortium.


The project execution will rely on an iterative approach combining 3 main phases: development (WP2), integration (WP3) and testing (WP4). Each of the 3 phases will overlap with the previous one, in order to provide iterative feedback. 
The integration phase will start by testing the individual components built in the development phase and provide immediate feedback to the developers in order to improve individual components. It will then use an improved version of the components.

The trial phase will start with early feasibility testing on a very small number of users in order to provide feedback to the integrator and improve the configuration and interface between the different system parts. It will then use an improved version of the integrated system.